Thoughts On Your Hometown (Stories From The Road)

After our final away show in our hometown of Ladysmith and an amazing after party hosted by my wonderful mom featuring a 2 AM singalong to Civil War and All Star, it took me a couple of days of winding down to figure out what I wanted to say about the whole thing.

It all came to me as I was walking to a friends house at midnight down the same streets I had walked so many times at that time of night. I walked past the park where I had met up with my ex-girlfriend and her best friend to give back her books and Chinese horror movies she had left at my house. I walked past the parking lot where my buddies and I used to pretend we were in a scooter gang and do terrible jumps off of the curb. I thought about what I was going to eat after a few drinks, fully knowing that 7-11 would be my only option and that made me smile.

All of those memories are so precious. This was the first trip that I really felt like I didn't miss it all. I've finally got to the point where I can enjoy remembering all of those moments instead of longing for them back. It all happened for a reason and it all changes for just another reason. As I walked down the middle of the road, a fair few beers deep, I thought I was quite the prophet as I wrote this down in my phone for later.

That change is so important and that's what made this final show in our hometown so special. Griffin and Kyle (the show organizers) are two young bucks, each with new families, who are rock 'n rollers till death. Griffin and I have been friends for a while now and have been chatting about these Concerts in The Park and how, with the proper leadership, they could really be something special and affect all aspects of the community. For years, we've seen the same bands, again and again, with no change. This was the first year that Griffin and Kyle took over the Concerts In The Park and they really nailed it. They're taking risks, bringing in bands that might not fit the exact bill of what a sleepy small town might generally go for. But that's why it's so great and so exciting! We need those game changers in all of our lives! Thank god for hometown heroes like Griffin and Kyle. Thank god for the people who are willing to try something new, not be afraid and stand by what they believe in. 

Keep the change coming. Don't get stuck on how things used to be. Let "Yes! And..." guide your life instead of "No! But..."

Thanks for the great times everybody.


P.S. Here is the song I was listening to as I walked down the road that night.



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