An Update + A Playlist

It's been two months since we last posted on this here blog. We really do hope that you've all been able to live your lives and enjoy the beginning of the summer, as we have been doing. 

We recently began the recording of our next LP at Blue Light Studio with our good friend, JP Maurice. Before we had started working together, I was watching a video of one of my favourite artists, The Tallest Man on Earth, and he was talking about how on his latest record he did everything the opposite of what he had done before. Instead of recording in the winter, he recorded in the summer. Instead of recording in a dark basement, he recorded in window-heavy room in his backyard. Instead of working alone, he worked with his friends. This was a huge inspiration for us as a band and from the minute we stepped into Blue Light, it had all those changes we were looking for. It's summertime, the space is beautiful, we are working with friends and there's a place called Continental Sausage: Consignment Meat a few blocks over. What more could we even ask for?

We will also be hitting the road starting in July and making our way through Western Canada in August. Those tour dates will be coming out next week and we are so excited to play for so many new, beautiful faces as well as some old, familiar ones. 

In conclusion, I've made up this playlist that I have dubbed 'Souls That Shook Up Mine'. So many of these songs remind of summer times past. The interesting thing is that, when I was making this, I noticed that I gravitated to many slower songs rather than fast which seemed opposite of what a summer playlist should be. Summer is filled with so many more emotions than we think... I think. 


Souls That Shook Up Mine Playlist Link: