Victoria Bound

In less than one week, we will be headed to Victoria to play one of our biggest island shows to date with Jon and Roy + Zoubi and The Sea at Sugar Nightclub. It's pretty damn cool to be invited to play with these guys at such a great venue. It seems like it wasn't even a year ago that we were loading into the now closed (RIP) Lacey-Lou Tapas Lounge, thinking that we were the hottest shit ever. Things have definitely changed since then. I mean, we still think that we are No. 1 celebrities, followed closely by Kim Kardashian, don't get us wrong. But as we were ending practice the other day, talking about the upcoming weekend in Victoria, we realized that Victoria is the one city on the island that always accepts us (and all other indie artists) with loving, open arms.

In the last couple of months, we have experienced that love at the utmost level. We got to embrace our island roots by being noted as The Zone 91.3's Band of The Month in January. We did two ferry trips there throughout the month, borrowing my mom's really cool Hybrid Prius to drive the Malahat with and each time, the crew at The Zone treated us like we were already a part of the family. Our chat with Pol Plastino and Jon Williams was our first on-air interview and it legitimately felt like we were talking with our favourite, long lost cousin. We're so stoked to visit all of you guys again, this Friday, before the show.

Another really sweet thing that comes with being a part of The Band of Month deal is that we get to go record a cover song at the Electric City Sound recording studio in Victoria. Basically how it works is that their is a list of about 20 songs that the 12 bands throughout the year can pick and do their own interpretation of. We've actually struggled picking a song that we felt we really could connect with. We wrestled with that Elle King song, 'Exe's and Oh's' for way too long. We finally decided that maybe that song only is cool when she does it (and after a lot of youtube-ing, we were right). We've ended up with the song 'Believe' from the new Mumfords album and we couldn't be more excited about recording it at ECS. Instead of being an all out, balls to the wall, rock 'n roll song, it has forced us to exercise patience and care. Something that doesn't happen on an everyday basis. 

So that's it for now. We're excited to see all of our island friends and family next weekend, play a killer show, record a sweet cover and eat and drink some of Victorias finest foods. I, personally, am going to make my way over to Wheelies for one of their delicious looking Chorizo sandwiches and maybe grab a vintage motorcycle while I'm at it. You know, just for kicks. See you soon, Victoria.


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