Who Ya Foolin' (The Recap)

It's been a little while. We've been taking some necessary down time to hide out in our bedroom sized jam space to work on new songs, re-hash old ones and really just get into the flow of 2016.

Most recently, we have put out the video for our song 'Who Ya Foolin'' directed by our good buddy, James Ryan. It feels like we shot it a year ago. It's almost like we had a baby but didn't tell our friends or families for months. We're glad that our little one is out in the world now and taking it's first steps in the eyes of millions.

The other day while were on The Zone 91.3 talking shop with Pol Plastino, he asked what this particular song was about. I gave the little story of how the song came about which in short is that someone wrote a love song but didn't want show anybody. That's the boring version. But that's what we do, isn't it? We all take little things and make them big. Which, in the spectrum of storytelling, is a pretty damn great thing. 

The line in the song that I always think sums up Who Ya Foolin' best is the first line.

"You, you don't ever change. You just cut your hair and say you're strange."

That's what it's really all about. It's about all of these appearances that we try to uphold and take so much time and effort to do so while our insides stay rigid and unchanging. It's about boring people that are masters at pretending to be interesting. Sometimes I sort of wish that we were more blunt and called the song, "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" I feel like radio would be all over that.