The Wes Anderson Theory

Whew. It's hard to believe that our album is finally out. Even though the songs are now out in the universe and it seems like they aren't ours anymore, now is the time we get to delve even deeper into them by coming up with videos for each of them.

We only have a couple of videos out on the internet (I think that there are only 3 that we've actually made ourselves to be honest) but every single video we have worked with the same crew. I am using the word "crew" very loosely here. The crew being myself, Aleisha and one of our closest buddies, James Ryan. 

The reason that I am bringing this is up is because 1) I am just damn excited to start making videos with our crew again and ripping these songs apart for meanings that we may have missed and 2) I wanted to just touch on the importance of a good team here at The Wild Romantics Industries. Just this year Aleisha has really gotten me into the films of Mr. Wes Anderson and I have immediately fallen in love with all of the things that everyone else has already fallen in love with like the camera angles, colours, etc. But my favourite thing about it all, is that he seems to love working with the same team over and over again. Some people might see this as a very close off style of working but I think it really applies to everything! Bands, relationships, sports, etc. 

We met up with James just yesterday to discuss the details for our upcoming video shoot for "Who Ya Foolin'" and hot damn, the guy just has it. All of the big picture ideas are perfectly balanced with the tiniest details that a normal person might never think of. All three of us went through the same improv program and were schooled in the "Yes! And...." attitude. I think this is what really brings us together and keeps us wanting to work with each other whenever a project comes up. It's not a comfort thing, it's actually a, "Hell yeah this person is actually going to one-up me and make me one-up them and I'm stoked on that" sort of thing. I can just picture Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson shooting the sh!t in Wes' perfectly symmetrical, lavender living room bouncing ideas off of each other in the good old fashioned kiddie way of "Okay! Now pretend that...." and thats what we find ourselves doing for hours as we imagine and script out ideas.

So yeah, we love the guy and we are excited to get to work on this music video so that we can show it to you all. It may or may not involve an exorcism....

That's it for now!