82 Weeks

It all started almost 2 years ago. We hopped on a ferry with the innocent and naive idea that we were going to be done our debut EP in all but a week. And now here we are, a week away from releasing the album we started 82 weeks ago. 

This has been the most uniquely difficult journey of my life thus far. We have pushed harder than either of us knew we could and survived on Dollarama pancake mix longer than a human should be physically able to.  I had no idea that, in climbing towards these dreams we would have to dig so deep within ourselves. It seems so odd, the idea to climb higher that you must dig deeper. But maybe it's all we pulled from ourselves that has built the path before us. 

I can safely say this past year can best be compared to the process a caterpillar goes though in its journey to become a butterfly. It's so cheesy- but so true.

I had lost myself before meeting Evan and creating this band together. I was crawling, spinning and was at an all time low. And then- we began the album.

This was the cocoon stage. We were wrapped in the studio, wrapped in The Peak Performance Project, wrapped ourselves in the Vancouver mist, and within ourselves trying to wrap our minds  around the mind bending tasks we had before us. Like jumping into cold water we launched ourselves over the edge of the rocks forgetting for that split second the water ahead of us was foreign and cold. But we threw ourselves forward anyways on the pure fact that we wanted to swim. But just as you land in cold water it takes time to adjust, and the next year of our lives would be just that- rediscovering how to use our limbs, rediscovering our  breath, and finally how to stay afloat. But finally- we did just that. And though you never forget why you jumped, you finally begin to enjoy what called you there. So enter the age of aviation for the little caterpillars within ourselves.

As this album comes to an end and it is no longer our own, I can now feel the call to let go, make space and set sights on a new ridge to throw ourselves off of. I have watched all my dreams make their way into my reality and now it is with great anticipation that I make room for that which I haven't dreamt up yet. 

So cue the sage smudge sticks, the piles of thrift store clothes, and fresh vision boards. May the release of this album leave space for all the great things life has in store.