Last Christmas

Tonight we get to go play our songs at The Biltmore for Music BC's 25th Anniversary/Christmas Party. It feels like yesterday that Aleisha and I were both getting off work and walking (we were trying to save money by never taking the bus anywhere...) to last years Music BC Christmas Party. I can't recall who the bands were that played that night or if there was any live music in general. I only really remember two things about that night.

One of them was that we won a gift card to Urban Winery which we only got around to using last month. The funny thing about that night was that we were there because of music but I don't think music came up once in the couple of hours that we were there. That rarely happens with us. 

The other was the feeling of community that I felt that night. Now I know a lot of people talk about this and it can get to excruciatingly boring with so many of us trying to tell you who we're best pals with and who we talked to last night. But it didn't feel like all of that BS. Sure, there were people there who were solely trying to hand out there business card and whatnot, but that didn't matter. What really felt great was the fact that we had been in the city for barely 5 months and we were at a party with friends we would have never thought would be in our lives. 

Now a year later we are going back to the same venue to see those friends again and to celebrate another fabulous year of music in B.C. 

Damn, it feels good to be a part of it all. Thanks for having us Vancouver. We love ya.

See you all tonight.