That's What People Say

"Oh god, really? I hate her."

This is one of the general reactions that I have gotten when mentioning to people that we are a part of the amazing Taylor Swift Tribute Night coming up on November 18th at The Biltmore Cabaret. 

It's very interesting to see people have such an adverse reaction to something that is clearly not affecting their lives in the slightest. Whenever Taylor Swift comes up, though, this seems very normal. I've gotten a lot of, "Well, she has a whole team doing everything for her.." and "I just think of all of the bitches I hated in high school when I think of her." I used to let this slide because I just didn't really give on f#&k about engaging with such a negative attitude but lately I've been choosing to take it on. 

Someone very close to me recently said the above comment of, "Well she has a whole team doing everything for her..." I had been thinking of rebuttal to this for a while now so I said my thing. It went something like this.

We (we who foolishly pride ourselves on listening to "indie" music) seem to think that indie artists are pure truth. We think nothing about them is manufactured. Not their image, lyrics, persona, etc. But when it comes to pop artists (especially women) we immediately say that they have teams choosing everything for them and that everything they do is planned. Yes, their are pop artists like this but whether it be in a big or little way, professional artists everywhere do this to a degree! Take Father John Misty for example. Sad, hateful, cynical people everywhere love this man and his music. I for one, also love his music but not for one second do I think that the FJM team didn't sit down and go, "Yeah, let's keep up the whole everything is shitty attitude. The kids love it!" J. Tillman has gone through multiple transformations himself. So why is it that we immediately jump on people like Taylor Swift for having a particular image crafted towards a particular crowd of people? 

Every artist who is truly committed to not only music, but also branding, has a team of people that are going to help them to move forward with their brand. Indie artists, pop artists, metal artists, reggae, you name it and they've got people helping them out. So why are we so against this? It's just reality! Sam Phillips to Johnny Cash to buck the f%$k up and sing country rather than the shitty gospel music he was singing when he auditioned for Sun Records. If no one had told him otherwise, the world may never have experienced the Johnny Cash we know and love. 

At the end of the day people might just be really bored and don't have anything else to fight for except the same boring view that has been beat to death a billion times.

See you all on the 18th for the T-Swift Tribute Night at The Biltmore. We are incredibly excited to join a group of talented bands to sing the songs of one the biggest stars of our time.