It's The Little Things


After a whirlwind tour to the island, Kelowna and Calgary, we are back at home. The shows were great, the trip was great and we can't wait to get out on that open road again as soon as possible. As we were coming back into Vancouver today from Salmon Arm one of us said, "Oh yeah... It's Thanksgiving weekend." So instead of telling you how the tour went, I am going to tell you about some of the people that we met along the way and how thankful we are to have met them.

We decided to play a last minute show in our hometown of Ladysmith, B.C as the first stop. We went full Canadian and played at the local legion to a solid amount of people for a Wednesday night. Aleisha's mom, Becky, is a member of this particular legion and took it upon herself to take full control of the entire event. My god, that woman can get sh*t done! The minute we got there she was running around setting up tables, ordering pizzas, grabbing drinks, corralling the troops, you name it, she had it covered. Without her, that whole show would never have happened. 

Aleisha's Dad, Ian, housed us for the two days we were on the island in his beautiful, log cabin of a home, over on a secluded beach on the other side of Ladysmith. We've stayed there before and man, it really beats staying in a Howard Johnson. We swam naked in the ocean, lit off some fireworks and had a nice outdoor fire to end the evening. That doesn't happen all the time. 

My Mom, Alison, had us over the next day for a homemade lunch (which doesn't happen often on the road) while we celebrated my baby sisters 2nd birthday. It was so nice to be able to just sit down, eat a good meal, visit with family and relax for the afternoon. My mom always has a "Come if you can and if you can't that's okay" attitude which I will always appreciate as we are on this hectic journey. There aren't many people in the world who have that mentality. Most people feel like they deserve so much out of each one of their family members or friends. 

Thank you to our parents for being the best.


So as to not take up your whole entire day I will write out a quick list of the characters we met along the way and why we hold a spot in our hearts for them.

1. Don The Mechanic

As many of you know, our propane van broke down right as entered Chilliwack. We got a tow to one gas station where the lady clearly had no idea what she was doing and sent us away saying we were full on propane. We then got towed to a little Auto shop where we met Don and his crew. They worked away on the van for over an hour, went and got us propane and then some. We were a bit scared to see the bill at the end of it all but Don came up to us, smiling, and asked if we were a band. We said yes and then he started to tell us about his career as a songwriter and singer and that he had a CD inside he'd love to trade for ours. The conversation was lovely and at the end of it all he charged us only for the propane and said, "I guess it's your lucky day." We'll be back soon Don, hopefully just to say hi this time.

2. Elaine The Gramma 

When we got to Revelstoke we quickly found out that there was nowhere in town to fill up on Propane. Obviously from the events before we were scared to death to get stuck somewhere else along the way. We decided that we would have to unload some gear somewhere to make it over Rogers Pass without breaking down. Our guitar player Rory's sisters fiance's Gramma (not making this up) happened to live in town so we gave her a call. We arrived at the little home, none of us having met Elaine before and there she was, backing us into the driveway into the garage where we could unload our stuff. We got out and all introduced ourselves, thanking her profusely and she then introduced herself with her nickname, Turbo. We never asked why that was her nickname and I sort of hope it will always be a mystery. When we went to get our stuff on the way home we told her that our drummer, Eric, had flown from Calgary instead of driving back with the rest of us. To this she replied, "Well you can let him know that he's a wussy."

3. Old Friends

It was our first show in Calgary and we were excited to play. We didn't know many people in the city so it was kind of a toss up of how many people were going to be at the show. It turned out there was a fair amount and leading it all was four of my good buddies from high school. They drove 3 hours from Edmonton just to come see us play our first show in Calgary, all of them wearing Wild Romantics shirts and the biggest grins I have seen in a long time. It was just a really nice moment to realize that the people you don't talk to or see all of the time will love you no matter what. It didn't matter how close we were in high school or if we text everyday, it only mattered that we were all there at that moment, together. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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