“Be still my heart... This is like a cross between Whitehorse and Neil Diamond! The harmonies! The beat! The vocal interplay between the male and female singer! I love it all.”

- Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio    


The Wild Romantics consist of wildly harmonious Evan Miller and Aleisha Kalina backed with a rock and roll avalanche of a band. Their music is an elegant combination of folk, country and timeless rock ‘n roll. They weave a rich sonic tapestry of wise songwriting, gentle harmonies and reverberating instrumentation.

     Kalina and Miller met in high school in the small town of Ladysmith, BC and officially started their group in 2013. The group now resides in Vancouver and is a key ingredient to the local music scene. Their sound encapsulates chemistry, history and a beautifully complex relationship. The Wild Romantics’ music has evolved from gentle folk songs to booming rock and roll ballads. They focus predominantly on songwriting and performing; the genuine lifeblood of song. It is resoundingly clear these two love making music and harness a rare quality reminiscent of Johnny Cash and June Carter. The band is inspired by the likes of Jack White’s edge and Wilco’s warmth; this makes for a rare sound that truly resonates with listeners.

     The Wild Romantics’ live performances are notoriously powerful, intense and sensual. They emanate a 1970’s glamorous bohemia meets whiskey guzzling trailer park sensation that is completely unparalleled. Kalina and Miller deliver clever lyrics with two sincerely gifted pipes that wrap together immaculately. The musicianship is a flawless backdrop for this carnival of sound. The Wild Romantics make authentic music, straight from the basement of their hearts. Their sound is hauntingly powerful and exploding with emotion. They are tough yet vulnerable and speak directly to the best part of ourselves.